Monday, February 15, 2010

posted by James - 3:59 PM

Check out what FullTilt Pro and WSOP bracelet winner Eric Froehlich thinks about Cash Out tourneys here.

After reading this, I'm going to try a few, because his strategies about it make sense. How many times have you dominated a tournament and played like a champ, but then the only player with more chips than you busted your AA with 72o on the bubble and you win nooooothing?!?!?!

That sucks soooo bad. Well, this way, you can mitigate against this happening by cashing out to at least guarantee yourself break even or a little profit.

What I keep thinking about is how few times you as a player even make the final table, much less finish in the top 3 places. While this is the ultimate goal, it can't be the benchmark you judge yourself against. The only thing that matters is profit and return on your time (and honestly as long as you're profitable who cares how much time you waste getting there). So, it's possible you're sacrificing some value, but how often do you get that some of that value as an MTT player? It's the same concept to me as agreeing to pay some money back to a couple more places. It just cuts your variance way down, right?

Let's face it... most of us have had to work on our short stack games because of our bad plays... well this way you can work on it and make a profit at the same time!

I think maybe you shouldn't cash out if you're not pretty good with your reads on when to shove over the top of a light raiser when you have a short stack. There obviously still is great value in making the final table... but sometimes you have to be realistic as a player and realize you're just not going to get there most of the time, so take the value when you can get it.

Anyway... might be time to give this format a shot, when before I thought it was a horrible idea.

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