Sunday, May 16, 2004

posted by James - 2:17 PM

As if I needed any excuse to sit around and watch several baseball games at once, but check out this lineup.
Roy Halladay vs Pedro Martinez

C.C. Sabathia dominating the Devil Rays

Kevin Brown vs Joel Pineiro

Barry Zito

Roger Clemens

Woody Williams vs Brad Penny

David Wells
Ok, the last three are going to get shelled today (right Cub fans!!!), but this is a lot of big-time ace pitchers to be throwing on one afternoon, and I'm happy to be catching them all on 53" high-definition plasma screens at the newest and best tavern in Wrigleyville.

Alright, that was a shameless plug, but I'm serious. If you haven't checked out Casey Moran's at 3660 Clark St, you've been missing out. We've been open since the start of the Cubs season, and the house is packed every night.

I'd like to attribute that to awesome job I do, keeping the Cub fans happy and in-line when necessary, but it's probably the 27 TVs (most bars would kill for one of these suckers), great location and atmosphere, killer food and... ahem... attractive staff.

(OK, I'll stop with that before anybody who actually knows me doesn't visit this establishment... but trust me I'm the one exception to the attractiveness of the staff you'll find at Moran's.)

My internet connection is down and out for an undetermined amount of time (aka until SBC gets off their ass and hooks up my phone line and DSL), but I'm going to try to be better about updating this site even if I have to continue to do it from the bar's computers.

I have a lot of projects in the works from this site, so I hope I haven't atrophied my audience to the point where no one will be around to see them. I think you'll enjoy them.

Speaking of the bar... I have to get back to work.