Thursday, November 17, 2005

posted by James - 4:49 PM

Yeah, I've been very quiet. I haven't had any good reasons to make noise, and several reasons to keep my mouth shut.

To keep it brief... the other Chicago baseball team won a World Title. I have nothing to say about that except, congratulations to our "kindred" fans who waited so long... and WHERE'S MINE???

In the last week, I lost a very important entertainment figure in my life. I enjoyed his work when he was just starting his main-stream career... then as he flourished becoming more than just another member of his storied family... through his dark times and all-too-public battles with personal demons I know we all have faced at one time or another... to his even brighter successes. It's still too new for me to be over it, and I hope I never am.

And I lost an even more important member of my extended family, someone who meant so much to the people I care about. She loved my family, and my family returned that love to her family to the point where there really was only one family. That's how my family works, and she is a big reason why. Even though she has gone on to better things and better places, what she left behind will remain.

Thanksgiving is coming up next week... and I've never been more thankful for the people I've lost... not thankful that I've lost them, but for the time I spent with them.

This was supposed to be a precursor to talking about the Cubs and how they're not giving me reasons to talk about them... but I think I'll let this stand for a little bit and then give it a go.