Tuesday, January 19, 2010

posted by James - 9:45 PM

I do spend a lot of time railing the high-limit games. I've never asked a pro for money, nor will I ever. But when I want a break from my own grind, sometimes it's fun to watch them... and interact with some of them occasionally. My favorite two to rail are David Oppenheim and Gus "The Great Dane" Hansen. I often write down some of the quotes when they start in on each other, because they're priceless. Last night, I watched "Oppey" and "Gussy" go at it in a nosebleed 7-game mix heads-up match. David treated Gus pretty rudely in the time I watched them, at least as far as the money went... and here's the part that had me rolling.

David Oppenheim: does it bother you that im sitting in front of my comp
David Oppenheim: with a fat smug face
Gus Hansen: does it bother you that you are fat
David Oppenheim: not really
Gus Hansen: then we are good
Gus Hansen: I have had some problems lately, but when I see your fat face it just gets me going
Gus Hansen: kind'a tickles my balls
David Oppenheim: as does your bald strangely shaped head for me

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