Saturday, January 09, 2010

posted by James - 7:24 PM

Go, read this article... here's my response:

I agree with Michael, and I agree with Nichole... and that drives me extremely crazy.

People... stop trying to equate online poker with "live" poker. It's just not the same thing. Unless they let you play in a different mask each week, you see your opponent. It doesn't matter what name he chooses to call himself each week. You see him. You know him. You know what he did last week. You know how comfortable/uncomfortable he looked last week. He was there saying it was his first tournament and playing all crazy, now he's at this other place the next day looking like a shark. He might not play the same, but if you can't adjust, that's your deficiency... and there are probably 8 other players at your table owning you.

If you wanted online poker to be like "live" poker, you'd want people to not be able to change their screen names. But, I'm betting the same people are using all the PokerTracker, HoldemManager, HUDs, PokerTableRatings, etc... while they're playing. That's definitely an advantage you won't get in a casino.

I guess I agree with Nicole more, because I only slightly care about my screen name. Sometimes, I think it gets me the right kind of action in the regular games I play where people have respect for me and are intimidated by my previous accomplishments... but usually I'm playing with people I've never played before, so having a screen name tied to my previous exploits just leaves me wide open to those who use software and databases.

I'm on record multiple times as considering their use cheating, at the very least dishonest. Poker shouldn't be about how much money you can spend on a program that will let you cull information on 20 tables without actually paying attention to all of them. If you can boil down someone's play to a pretty number or a letter grade, then go ahead and do that... on your own. I know these programs are "legal", well most of them, but if you dispute they're cheating, I dare you to inform players you are using one next time you play a ring game. See what happens, then come back and tell me how many players will play with you.

These enablers are killing the profitability of low and middle-stake games online. Progressing through the ranks takes forever since you never know when the last speed bump you hit was the cause of someone using an advantage like this and not just better play on their part. And when you give actually talented players access to this kind of info (i.e. Brian Hastings), watch out!

The money is always going to rise to the top of the food chain, I understand that and respect it. However, too much money is being siphoned off on the way by players who haven't earned their profitability.

I say ok to changing your names and down with cheating poker software.

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