Thursday, April 30, 2009

posted by James - 4:50 PM

Some of you can hate on freerolls all you want... but if Full Tilt wants to spread some money around, I'm going to line up to try and get a piece of it. Well, the Full Tilt Poker Academy is handing out both free advice and free money... and I can't tell which is more valuable, honestly. Most of their info is kinda basic, but they have lessons for all skill levels, and I've been through them all a few times now, and I'm not going to dismiss their role in the successes i've seen lately.

If you go through the lessons and take the quizzes at the end and score in the top 1,000, you qualify for a satellite sending the top 100 of that tournament to a $5000 freeroll. There are 20 different lessons you can go through. They start in a staggered nature, about every 10 min or so. Yes, this does get a little scary when they all start popping up on you. And since we're all powered by the Pod, that means you'll be deep in a lot of them, giving you ample time to work on your multi-tabling skills. lol

Now, you won't need all 20 shots to get into the freeroll. There are a ton of sitouts... most people don't even realize they're entered in the satellites... and as soon as you get to the top 100, you're done. You'll probably get in on your first one, but the practice is good and there's some marginal benefit to keeping players out of the 5k freeroll (every addition seat you win is one less player in the final) and learning some of the players you might be playing with in the final. But as soon as you win your first one... you can just quit the rest, which is up to you.

Anyway... today is the last day to qualify by watching the Sit-N-Learns and taking the quizzes... and apparently you can do it every month... and they don't change the quiz answers. I've found the easiest quizzes are the PLO Quiz with Brandon Adams, the Power of Position Quiz on cash games with Bill Edler, the Rebuy Tournaments Quiz with Michael Gracz and the Sit N Go quizzes by Aaron Bartley and Howard Lederer. Most of the quizzes at the current time don't even have 1000 entrants. So, just completing the quiz will qualify you for the satellite.

Everyone here should get in on the Full Tilt Academy while they can. If you're a cash game or SNG player, they're basically rewarding you for what you're already doing. I still can't believe they're just doing all of this completely for free.

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