Wednesday, April 29, 2009

posted by James - 4:47 PM

I finally hit my fifth different MiniFTOPS Satellite to qualify for the final freeroll... and I did it in PLOEOB! Are you freaking kidding me? I didn't even realize that's what I had signed up for, but it was just $0.75+.15, so i just went with it. And I took that sumbitch down! I had never even played the game in more than a freeroll before... It's so party time!!

Update: I just looked and only 123 people have qualified for this so far... How freaking cool is that? Only 2 other players that I've played with have qualified as well. And 45 of us are going to get a payout from this freeroll. Pretty good extra little bonus.

Update 2: Isn't that just how it is... when it rains it pours? It took me quite a while between my fourth satellite and my fifth satellite to qualify for the final freeroll... and then I picked up two more today. One in a NHLE 1r1a and then Stud 8/b. I've only played a Stud 8/b tournament maybe twice for money... and both of them I've cashed in. This one was a big time grind... we were four-handed for 30 minutes with only 3 seats awarded. I was short stacked going into the final table and then into four-handed play with two players extremely deep (20k+). One of them played like a complete renob and ends up busting in fourth while the other just sat out and let me third-base him, which kept me afloat for quite a while.

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