Thursday, April 23, 2009

posted by James - 4:36 PM

I am almost exclusively playing the satellites on FTP right now. Whether it's the 750k, Brawl, Double Deuce or miniFTOPS sats... the play in them is so very, very weak to where you can even make it in games that aren't your best. And since in some of them you can make it to the end without ever even getting put on a short handed table. If you can acquire a big stack by the end of the tournament, I've yet to find any player in these games that can handle any type of aggression from a big stack. You just brutalize them after that.

When you combine the FTOPS sats with the Satellite challenge where you get freerolls for how many different FTOPS events you qualify for... the satellites are the best value on FTP right now.

I've been able to build up quite a few T$s because i always cash out right after I win one of these and if I decide to go back later and play, then I can do that... but no reason to keep putting cash out there in the mean time when I've got the value of that satellite I can use.

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