Wednesday, January 06, 2010

posted by James - 3:56 PM

I'd have to look but I think I've blogged about Andre "the Hawk" Dawson before, but recent events have me wanting to do it either way.

Andre Dawson was one of my first baseball heroes. His enshrinement in the Baseball Hall of Fame is a shining moment for all Cubs fans from this era, who have suffered for a long time. Sandberg and Dawson are really all we have after Maddux left for Atlanta and Sosa left for insanity.

I’m very disappointed in the fans of other teams and players who didn’t get in. I support Blyleven and Edgar Martinez’s case above Dawson’s as much as I love him. And I am sad they did not get in, as well as Roberto Alomar, who is even a superior 2b to Sandberg.

But I am sickened by their fans bashing Dawson because their guy did not get in without even acknowledging and congratulating Dawson for his achievement and honor. It won’t affect what I think of the player, but it will affect what I think of their fans.

Congratulations, Hawk! Today was truly a great day that brought joy to my heart… much like getting to see you play.

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