Wednesday, February 23, 2005

posted by James - 10:57 AM

As I'm sure everyone knows, tomorrow begins the first step to buying individual game tickets for 2005 as the Cubs will give out wristbands required to purchase tickets on Friday, unless you're gonna try your luck with that dang ol' Internet, man.

Living in Wrigleyville as I do, I'll be down there. I don't know when since I have a prior engagement (pun intended, hint hint), but they start handing out the plastic bands of power (last year they were orange) at 11 am. Thursday they'll start at 7 am.

If any fellow members of the Clark St. Cavalry had the same plans and would like to convene before, after or just stand in line and stamp our feet together, send me an e-mail and I'll provide further contact information.

Last year, the line was much longer on day two than day one, but it was still at least an hour wait.

On Thursday, I'll be at Casey Moran's, if anyone would like to stop by there... they're having karaoke, though that's not until much later.

Good luck everybody!

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