Monday, January 03, 2005

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When I asked a couple weeks back about wide receivers potentially available in the 2005 draft, I thought the Bears would need options since they'd be picking 10th or 12th, maybe seventh at best.

Well, looks like I wasted my time looking at Braylon Edwards (like the Bears want to go get another Michigan receiver) because the Bears, by virtue of their loss to Green Bay yesterday, have landed the #4 pick.

That means one thing...

Mike Williams WR USC COME ON DOWN!!!

Get thine ass in a Bears uniform ASAP, bee-yotch!

Carlos Beltran OF HOU COME ON DOWN!!!

" Cubs uniform ", bee-yotch!!!

(Update: Here's a story on the Trib about the Bears 2005 draft outlook. David Haugh thinks they'll go after an offensive lineman with the No. 4 pick, but I'm hoping he just wanted to type the name D'Brickashaw... and apparently type it often in the coming years. Williams, you sports-writer bee-yotch!. Williams, you'll type it much more often. Trust me.)

In all likelihood, this will be my last post before I depart tomorrow morning for Seattle.

It seems like the Seahawks finally showed some fortitude in those itty-bitty things they like to call balls and secured a home-field playoff spot. Therefore, it’s quite possible Skippy (who has season tickets and has endured watching the Seahawks all year long), David and I will be in attendance.

The Seahawks reward for their successful, goal-line stand to stop a game-tying, two-point conversion is a rematch against the St. Louis Rams, who they’ve already crapped their pants against twice.

Remember back with the Seahawks were the darlings of the NFL and a sure NFC title contender? They started the season with three-straight wins, including two on the road. Then the Rams came to visit Seahawks Stadium the first time, and the Seahawks did everything they could to blow that game, including losing it in overtime after having a 24-10 lead going into the fourth quarter.

A subsequent loss to the Arizona Cardinals (yeah, the Seahawks by their lonesome almost made the Cardinals playoff contenders, barely beating them in Week 16) evened their record at 3-3.

Just when impressive wins against defending NFC champion Carolina and at San Francisco, blow-out style, may have left the doubt behind, they dropped another one to the Rams, scoring only 12 points, in a stretch of losing three out of four (Remember Monday Night in Dallas, boys?).

I give the Seahawks a lot of credit for coming back after that and even making it to the playoffs. Yes, their final three wins were against inferior competition (Minnesota, Arizona and Atlanta – who had nothing to play for), but considering two of those teams are playoff teams, that’s what the entire NFC is.

So, if the Seahawks can find some momentum in fighting hard to end the season on a strong note and get at least one home playoff game, they have a shot in the NFC.

For instance, they beat their St. Louis Rams jinx on Saturday and setup a matchup against Terrell Owens-less Philadelphia (heck, who wants to see them lose a fourth-straight NFC title game) or Atlanta, who they just proved they can beat.

Of course, beating the Rams is no sure thing, but here’s something I’d like Chris to talk about.

There’s news coming out of Seattle concerning Shaun Alexander, the Seahawks’ star running back. Apparently, he fell one yard short of leading the NFL in rushing, and he isn’t happy about it.

If you read the above column, it goes a little deeper than just a yard. Alexander, Coach Mike “Mount” Holmgren, sports writers... all are throwing around allegations about the Seahawks’ final play, where they scored a touchdown from the one-yard line on a QB sneak.

Of course, Alexander is the sole reason they ever get to the one-yard line in the first place, and this was no different. But instead of giving the ball to Alexander, they called Hasselbeck's number on second and goal, therefore denying Alexander a share of the rushing title.

Now even I know a division title is more important than a personal achievement, and the QB sneak worked, but this better not be personal between a player and his coach. That would be seriously messed up. Besides, why would Holmgren want to alienate his best (only) offensive weapon the week before a crucial game in his tenure?

Does he really want Alexander pissed off at him when he’s a free agent after the season? Maybe that’s his plan.

Speaking of plans... the plan as of right now is to get Chris, David and me together on Sunday for the first joint Just Another Pay Per View venture for WWE’s New Year’s Revolution. We’re working on a couple things, but the plan is to update this blog as the PPV goes on. We’ll update time and other info as we get closer.

This should be pretty fun since Chris and David will have nothing better to do than get boozy as I moderate it all! Fun! Fun! Fun!

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