Thursday, January 06, 2005

posted by James - 1:46 PM

Here's something I've posted over at Tommy's

Any slack-jawed yokel who's watched WWE for the last two years could have scripted last night's Raw, especially the ridiculous Hassan vs JR and King segment.

All they had to say to open the show was birthday and Oklahoma Sooner, and I knew for a fact he was gonna get double the beat down a guy usually gets.

They do it every time.

Too bad this time JR couldn't have had a mic so he could scream... "I'm gettin' slobberchoked. SLOBBERCHOKED. SLOBBERCHOKED!" "He's whippin my hide like a guvmint mule" "OW... He just stomped a mudhole in me and walked it dry."

I've thought of one good payoff to this angle (other than people seriously hating Hassan)... maybe it will bring Steve Austin out of hibernating for a WMXX1 match?

I think Steven's neck would handle it just fine. It would just be a five-minute beatdown, with JR getting the pin and then a 10-minute, beer-drinking session to follow. Even if he is fat and ugly (and that's just the good side of his face), I have no problem with him getting some in-ring PPV time. He's pretty much deserved it for putting up with all the McMahon's crap all these years.

This was definitely a show for the young guys... which makes me wonder whether they have a New Year's Resolution in mind at New Year's Revolution.

Giving Jericho, Orton or Batista the belt at the next PPV would start that off right.

Not that I expect it to happen.

I'm writing this from Washington where my Just North of Wrigley Field boys will be getting together on Sunday to watch the PPV and on Monday for the ensuing Raw. It's gonna be a blast, though it looks like we're gonna get pounded by some snow.

Which will be cool since I have playoff tickets to see the Seahawks play the Rams on Saturday. I'm gonna love watching them St. Louis boys freeze their butts off and get them handed back to them.

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