Monday, December 27, 2004

posted by James - 10:31 AM

Yeah, the Seahawks take the cake when it comes to getting hosed by narcoleptic, dyslexic gerbils in striped shirts. The game against Dallas was very kin to what happened to my Bears this Sunday against the Lions... with an exception.

They got the call wrong on the field giving Keyshawn Johnson a touchdown when he was out of bounds and then didn’t review it. Which brings up a serious flaw in the system, where if the refs are going to take the control of reviewing away from coaches in the last two minutes of the game, don’t they have to be more diligent when it comes to outcome-impacting touchdowns? Shouldn’t they be reviewing any that are even the slightest-bit controversial?

Having said that, this is where Sunday’s Bears loss comes into trouble. The refs had the call right on the field, and then got it wrong on review. They didn’t just get it wrong. They couldn’t even explain why they were overturning the original decision. Remember, there’s supposed to be something called “indisputable evidence.”

I’m not bitter. I’m just a realist. I know the refs won’t be perfect, but why did they have to nullify the one good offensive play the Bears had in 12 quarters?
"After review, as the receiver was going to the ground on his own, the ball moved when he hit the ground," referee Terry McAulay said. "It is an incomplete pass as ruled on the field."
What the heck does that mean? Seriously, when do they start sending out a referee-to-english dictionary so we can all understand what reasoning they’re using for screwing my team out of a playoff spot.

Yes, the Lions would have still had the ball with plenty of time to kick a field goal, and the Bears still had possession of the ball with a chance to score...

What the heck am I saying? Overturning the 43-yard touchdown strike to Bernard Berrian eliminated half of the Bears offense for the game. I don’t even know how that happened.

Triumphing in the face of adversity is the hallmark of great teams.

But teetering on the edge where one play can and does make the difference between a win and loss is the hallmark of a just-good-enough team.

And at their best, that’s what the Bears are this year. Their margin of victory is that small.

But even though their “competition” for the final playoff spot continued to give Bears life, I was living for next year since their Thanksgiving Day loss to Dallas. At least we can enjoy our future as a top-ten draftee in 2005. Anybody want to give me a heads up on some receivers who might be available next year?

Congratulations to my boys’ Seahawks. Not only did they do the good work of keeping the god-awful Arizona Cardinals out of the playoffs, but they secured their own post-season ticket as well.

Now, if the Rams lose either of their last two games, then the Seahawks will get to host their first-round playoff game, which is especially important to me since I’ll be in Seattle for that game.

Anybody who can pass up tickets to a playoff game in a temperate climate (i.e. not freezing your nipples off) don’t have their priorities in order.

So for one night only, I’ll be an Eagles fan, which is certainly easier since Terrell Owens will only be a sideshow. Oh, I also have one more reason to be an Eagles fan...

R.I.P. Reggie White (1961-2004)

We’re losing way too many of your kind, way too early.

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