Friday, December 10, 2004

posted by James - 12:45 AM

Update: Apparently, the Tribune was reading my mind or something.

Also, I'll be attending my first Bulls game in, well, maybe forever. It will at the very least be my first game at the United Center.

My wonderful Aunt Lolly got me awesome seats, section 108, row 18. Thank you so very much! MUAH!

The only times I've been this close to a basketball game I was wearing headsets and a microphone, but that's another story.

The Bulls will be facing Allen Iverson and the Philadelphis 76ers tonight (I picked this game specifically because I knew there would be at least one player on the court worth watching). I'm actually more excited about seeing the United Center than the game.

Does anybody have any advice like how early we should get there? What we should or shouldn't bring (such as cameras, food)?

Are there any etiquettes I should be aware of that might be different from other venues (because at some venues I've found it's considered rude to stand and cheer for your team. grumble)?

Anything unique around or inside the building I should go out of my way to see, or get a picture of me in front of (I'm trying to put the Jordan statue on the top of my list)?

Any particular food experiences I should thrust my belly toward, either before, during or after the game?

Send me an e-mail and let me know.

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