Saturday, October 02, 2004

posted by James - 2:49 PM

(This is the Wife posting, not James)
Ok, up until now I have been a dutiful little wife and read these guys' rantings, because somewhere in the abyss of sports related spew (which I skim) there is some pretty funny stuff.

Today though, James did a very bad thing. Under the influence of too much work and his beloved team losing repeatedly, he said he’d shave his head if they made the playoffs.

Skippy and I haven’t just seen it, we did the deed last time, but I didn’t really care then because I didn’t have to look at him every day (like I do now).

Here’s the thing... I don’t want him to shave his head.

So, do I not cheer for the Cubbies?

Do I hope the Cubs win and the other teams screw it up for them?

Do I hope the pleas of a wife and reminders that Chicago winters are cold might get him to change his mind?


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