Friday, September 10, 2004

posted by James - 12:18 AM

Wow... that was kinda freaky.

If you visited this website in the last 24 hours, you noticed a rather lengthy post, which appeared last night. After I got off work, I couldn't stay silent after what happened to our Cubs. I probably looked like a crazy man, muttering at myself as I walked home.

Fortunately for me, I wrote my post in Word because Blogger did something stupid with my original post where I had all kinds of fun links and formatting.

When it blew up, fatigue and frustration got the better of me, and I posted it without the extras.

Then I checked the post from Casey's, to find the original post emerged from the electronic abyss... with a post date of 3 p.m.(?).

I usually hate double posting, but in this case I don't mind so much.

I finally got around to starting a fantasy football league. It won't be active until Week 2, but it's a points league, so I'm ok with that.

If you're interested in joining, you could E-mail me, and I'll send you an invite. Or you could just join with the following information and the link above:
League ID: 676156
League Password: chrisdavidjames
The draft is at a pretty inconvenient time next week. If too many people want to join, but can't make it, I'll consider making it an autopick draft to make it fair.

Good luck on the electronic gridiron this year, everybody!

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