Thursday, September 30, 2004

posted by James - 12:21 AM

This is pretty sad.

When the best news of the day is the Padres beating the Giants, it wasn't a good day.

I mention this because I just finished watching the Giants fall back into a second-place tie with the Cubs in the race for the N.L. Wild Card.

Something happened in that game which will change the way I look at an opposing team forever.

My wife is learning to love baseball (MOOOOOOSE!!!). One of her fledgling-fan peccadillos is to scream "TRIP!" at a player she doesn't want catching the ball.

I thought that was cute, and even started doing it myself on occasion. (My favorite is still: "HEY! You dropped your fish!")

Starting tomorrow, I will impress on her why she should cease that particular heckle.

San Diego battled San Francisco into extra innings tonight.

With the Giants' own erstwhile closer Dustin Hermanson on the mound, the Padres loaded the bases in the bottom of the 10th.

He succeeded in getting the first batter out on a grounder to second, cutting off the run in the plate.

The second batter head hit a pop fly in rightfielder Dustan Mohr's direction.

It was pretty shallow, and Mohr had pretty good positioning to make a throw to the plate until he stumbled over the bullpen mound, turning his left knee to jelly in the process.

I'm gonna make a bold prediction and say Mohr's season is over.

Coming from a guy with a history of knee problems, I can honestly swear I'll never wish an opposing player to trip again, no matter how much my team would benefit.

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