Wednesday, September 29, 2004

posted by James - 1:03 AM

I've been off of regular posting for a while, mainly because I have four big things I'm working on right now...
  1. my job, where I've been putting in 50+ hr weeks the whole month of September.
  2. designing the website for my employer (which isn't included in the 50+ hr weeks); click the link above for more. I'm also working on a new template for this here blog.
  3. trying to switch to a new cell phone plan with two lines (one for me and one for my wife), two decently cool phones and some kind of nationwide roaming option on at least one of the lines.
  4. last, but not least: looking for a new apartment in Wrigleyville/Lincoln Park/Lakeview, big enough for my wife and I for about the same amount of rent we're paying now (our lease is up at the end of October).
If anybody has any ideas on the last two, please send them my way (jamesinwrigleyville@yahoo.com).


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