Thursday, August 12, 2004

posted by James - 9:20 AM

ok... so one more thing.

I was honored to be invited by Scott from Just West of Wrigleyville South to contribute to his analysis of the prospects in "the Nomar trade".

I might start to pick up some of the minor-league coverage on this blog, but I might wait until the offseason for the Winter Leagues and work on my formatting for next season... in the meantime, consider my analysis services available for any blogger who needs them.

Also... check out Scott's, rather even-handed, but to-the-point views on the horrid editorial published in the Tribune. (So horrid, I'm ashamed I've actually linked to it twice in one day. Ick!)

GO CUBBIES!!! (once again... I'll be in Sec. 123, Row 5, Seat 5)

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