Thursday, August 26, 2004

posted by James - 9:02 AM

Boy, Skippy sure had a good week last week...

First, the Seahawks finally signed their first-round draft pick, DT Marcus Tubbs, which will help a team who dumped their defensive tackles from last year (Chad Eaton, who signed with Dallas, and John Randle, who retired).

Then in their first preseason game, the Seahawks drubbed the Packers 21-3 (ok, so that was a good thing for us Bears fans too).

Finally, USA Basketball lost their first of two basketball games to Puerto Rico. Normally, our patriotic Poulsbo resident wouldn’t be happy about that, except Carlos Arroyo is Puerto Rico’s point guard, and the Utah Jazz had the foresight to lock him up with a four-year deal going into this season.

In contrast, I had an absolutely horrible week, spending most of it in bed. Spending 6.5 hours in and out of rain delays at Wrigley Field the week prior finally caught up with me.

But I feel much better now, especially after the Cubs popped off with three consecutive series wins (COREY!!! YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL HITTER!!!), so I’m going to do it all over again!

I’ve got tickets to today’s tilt against Houston. Thankfully, the weather report is calling for a respite from rain, but, with my luck, I'll get a sun burn after the sun breaks out over just my section.

This will be my rubber game on the season, as the Cubs have split two games against the Astros with me in attendance.

The first game, the Cubs couldn’t touch Roger Clemens, back when he looked like a Cy Young candidate.

The Astros had just acquired Carlos Beltran before the second game and Andy Pettite was on the mound, but he was just coming off injury, and the Cubs properly welcomed him back.

So, after seeing three of the Astros high-profile additions to this year’s team, today I get a fourth: Brandon Backe, who they acquired during the offseason from Tampa Bay.

Combine that with Mark Prior on the mound, and I’m feeling pretty good about winning MY season series against the Astros.

I’ll be in section 223, row 19 seat 102, if anybody cares.

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