Wednesday, June 02, 2004

posted by James - 11:58 PM

So, I'm stumbling home in my usual manner up Clark St on my way home from work (man a block seems like forever after a night-time shift) and I spy something in the gutter at the corner of Clark and Waveland... something that definitely warranted further inspection.

I had the "fortune" to discover what appeared to be a Kerry Wood "action figure." That wasn't the intriguing part, because the big red 34 on its back was obvious.

No... what caught my attention was the disheveled nature of the visage of the Cubs' difference maker.

This plastic figure is missing both feet, half his right leg, he doesn't have a glove, and his right arm is completely torn off (or is that up?) and there's nothing above his neck...

Basically this is the Kerry Wood which closely resembles Chuck over at Ivy Chat's vision of the hard-throwin' Texan.

It also could be a good metaphor for the physical health of the entire team, but the mend is on this Friday!!!

Come on down to Casey Moran's at 3660 Clark St. (across the street from Wrigley Field) on Friday for the 2:20 pm start. We'll be celebrating the return and 2004 debut of Mark Prior with "Welcome Back Prior Night." (I guarantee there's a certain TV show theme song you'll hear at least once that night.)

We'll be toasting to the continued health of Mark Prior and speedy recovery of all our currently Befallen Beloveds and success of our reigning National League Central Division Champions.

The party starts at 11:00 a.m. and we'll keep it going before during the "Official Start of the Cubs' season." So, be there for the flowing drinks, tasty food, great music, fun staff, all those humongolous 53" high-definition TVs and the triumphant return of Mark Prior.

See ya there!

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