Thursday, June 03, 2004

posted by James - 1:05 AM

Photo taken 1/23/2004

Wow... I can't believe how cool that worked. I'm still going to have to tweak with it some, but that was so cool and pretty damn easy too. This is going to be a fun thing to play with in the future!!! The above photo is me in the best Christmas present this guy has ever received, courtesy of our one and only banished in San Diego Washingtonian, David. I can't rightfully express on any level how much I miss him.

Just wait until I post some of the pictures I took at the game I went to today. I sat right behind home plate 20 rows back in the 200 level. Even though this is blasphemous, I couldn't help but be in awe of my fortune to see future Hall of Famer Roger Clemens pitch against current Cubs ace Matt Clement (Yeah, until Prior and Wood show their true dominant forms again he's the ace of this staff).

I've gone to countless AL games over the last 25 years and numerous Red Sox, Blue Jays and Yankees games, but I can't recall ever seeing the Rocket pitch in person until today.

I find it borderline humorous that I had to move to a NL city to see Clemens pitch, when we both have spent the last 20 years of our lives in AL cities.

The whole game I was wishing the Cubs would lay some crooked numbers on the still-undefeated, 41-year-old, but I admit I couldn't keep my eyes (or my camera) off him for most of the game.

And it gets even better because not only did my Uncle Greg join me at a Cubs game for the second time this year (The first was Clement's victory over the Cardinals last week. Clement is now 2-1 in games I've seen him pitch at the Friendly Confines. WE'LL GET 'EM NEXT TIME MATTY!) but my wife attended her first game at Wrigley Field ever.

I had to go to work right after, so maybe I'll get a more detailed report on her experience, but all signs point to a successful baptism in red and blue waters!

Even though the good guys didn't come out on top in this one, I feel blessed in so many ways after going to the game today.

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