Saturday, June 19, 2004

posted by James - 11:58 PM

Photo taken 06/19/04 courtesy AP/Jeff Roberson

Excuse me as I conjure my favorite ESPN News Anchor Brian Kenny to describe the end of the most thrilling Cubs game I've experienced from Wrigleyville...

*kinda high-pitched* One Todd will score!

*even more high-pitched* Two Todds will score!!!

I knew having dos Todds on the Cubs roster would come in handy one day.

It's pretty much what I envisioned when Cubs GM (and miracle worker) Jim Hendry added them to the bench last offseason... but they've played so well in their starting roles, it's hard to relegate them to a few PAs per week. Though I can't argue with the results so far.

The above picture is pretty much what Casey Moran's looked like after Todd Walker slid across home plate to give the Cubs the 4-3 victory. It was damn near one 400-person group hug... and then Playboy Playmate Colleen Marie (Miss August '03) showed up.

It was a wild day to put it mildly.

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