Monday, June 28, 2004

posted by James - 3:00 PM

OK... my editing prowess failed me while I was writing that post from the "Just as Friendly Confines", so here's what I meant to say if I could be Bill Bavasi for a day.

I remember thinking... if I could wear the Bill Bavasi hat for a day (the first thing I'd do is beat myself over the head a few times for being an idiot and wasting an offseason - effectively ruining said hat) and a guy bearing the resemblance of a White Sox GM offered me hot OF prospect Jeremy Reed for an erratic, overpaid pitcher, who is surplus at best, I'd jump and not think twice.
I'm looking forward to tonight's Monday Night Raw. They've had a couple great shows lately and tonight the Main Event features Chris Benoit vs Kane for the World Heavyweight Title.

I should be rooting for Kane, and I probably will be, but I'm also rooting for Triple H to stick his HUGE nose in this match and for Eugene, the most entertaining part of Raw these days, to borrow from his good friend the Rock and Lay Some Smackdown on his ROODY-POO CANDY ASS!!!

It's weird for me to advocate putting a newbie such as Eugene into a high-profile spot on a PPV, but not only is he amazingly entertaining with his current character, but he's proven to be a damn good wrestler to boot.

Everybody out there, get ready to enjoy Just Another Monday Night!

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