Friday, April 16, 2004

posted by James - 4:18 PM

Ok, I admit Michael Wuertz had me fooled enough to even learn how to spell and pronounce his name right. Now, I'm hoping I don't have to do either with any frequency, after his dismal performance in today's game against the Reds, including a 2-run, opposite field home run by Ken Griffey, Jr. ... on to Waveland Ave.


How does one do that? That ball landed closer to my apartment than the right-field bleachers.

I'm flat out amazed. He is on this year.

In the WGN TV Production Crew Should Get A Clue Section... Caray and Stone are taking a much needed break during the just concluded five-run sixth inning for an all-important minor-league update, and they're extoling the virtues of Seattle-native RIGHT-HANDER Glendon Rusch and his performance for the AAA-Iowa Cubs.

As we all know very well, he's left-handed. He's always been left-handed. He's spent time in both leagues over his seven-year career, and he's thrown every one of his 1033 and two-thirds innings with his left hand.

ok... I'm going to stop there before it gets too petty, because you get the point.

Enjoy the Cubs' comeback!

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