Friday, April 09, 2004

posted by James - 10:27 PM

My Kingdom (however small it might be) for a 1-0 count. It's like the Cubs hitters break out in hives at the thought of seeing a second pitch.

In tonight's on-going game, they couldn't even get Antonio Alfonseca to show them a strike before they were already down two outs... and that was against Corey Patterson and Sammy Sosa. Don't they remember him from last year? How bad he was and still might be? As the official wife Just North of Wrigley Field said while he was warming up, "Wow. There sure is a lot of that guy."

Great pitching effort by the Cubs so far tonight, especially from "Michael Wurtz", if you're watching on WGN tonight. The wife told me, they might know how to spell it if they had more free time like you did. Well, that may be true, except they're supposed to be spending their not-as-free time knowing how to spell his name. (I'll glady trade places, if that's too hard for them.)

The Cubs better come up with a win tonight. I'm already having a bummer of a night after the Full Shilling decided that three baskets of fish amounted to all-I-can-eat. I don't know when they changed that (it's been a while since my last visit there), but I've finished off five baskets there before. I would have rescinded my official endorsement, but they brought me another basket which, luckily for them, filled me up.

And all was happy Just North of Wrigley Field, or at least it will be with a Cubs run or five.

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