Thursday, March 04, 2004

posted by James - 7:05 PM

This was so great!

WWE has actually done something half-right for once. They had someone steal Stone Cold Steve Austin's - "The Law's" - ATV on Monday Night Raw without saying whodunit.

Then they open up Smackdown!, WWE's Thursday program, with Brock Lesnar driving said ATV down to the ring to Austin's entrance music... with commentary of possession is nine-tenths of the Law.

Then Lesnar mocked Austin in the ring with Austin's signature beer salute in the ring and then drove off, poppin' wheelies and recklessly shifting gears.

Frickin' brilliant! Brilliant chain, episodic TV writing!

And you can see this evolution of the "angle" has breathed new life in to Lesnar, his ring work and his entertainment factor.

It's unfortunate that the match is actually between former champs Lesnar and Bill Goldberg, and Austin is only the special guest referee, and this angle is only focusing on the Lesnar vs. Austin side so far.

But the upside is now I'm excited to see what happens next Monday. What will "the Stone Cold Law" have to say about Lesnar stealing an ATV? What will the penalty be? When will Goldberg make his presence felt to balance out this angle?

Way too much excitement when I couldn't have been more bored with the product WWE was putting out just two months ago.

(BTW... While he was poppin' wheelies, Lesnar almost drove over some of the lamps which light the rampway. And I've set those up on more than enough occasions to tell you they're very heavy and very expensive, and he will catch hell if he actually ran over any of them.)

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