Monday, March 29, 2004

posted by James - 11:16 PM

Skippy's Playoff Update
Utah*-Home (4)San Antonio (L)
Memphis (W)
Houston (W)
Phoenix (W)
Away (3)L.A. Clippers (W)
Dallas (L)
Minnesota (L)
Portland.5Home (4)New Orleans (W)
Golden State (W)
San Antonio (L)
L.A. Lakers (L)
Away (4)Philadelphia (W)
L.A. Lakers (L)
San Antonio (L)
Denver (W)
Denver**.5Home (3)Houston (L)
Portland (L)
Sacramento (L)
Away (3)Phoenix (W)
Houston (L)
San Antonio (L)

* Utah holds the tiebreaker over Portland
**Denver holds the tiebreaker over Portland and Utah

Updated as of 04/01/2004 12:30 p.m.

Skippy, buddy, was there ever a day you thought you'd be kissing the ground Vin Baker walked on?

As an aside... for all the talk of the disparity between the conferences of the NBA, is there an oversight happening? Is that where the true disparity lies?

Two of the teams in Skippy's Playoff Update come from the same division, but they're also the bottom two teams in that division.

Just take that in... the bottom two teams from a division are battling the third-place team from their competing division for the last spot in a conference playoff.

The Pacific Division needs some help; at least the Eastern Conference is consistently pathetic.

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