Monday, March 22, 2004

posted by James - 8:30 PM

I'm still nursing my wounds from getting throughly thrashed in my NCAA tournament bracket, like all of us. Oh, not you? Come join my Yahoo and ESPN groups and further my despair. I'll post the group infos laterso you can show me how bad you’re kicking my ass...

Because right now I'm fully immersed in my usual Monday ritual of WWE Raw. Only tonight there's a twist, which has all of my mental energy tonight. (mental... watching WWE... just save it)

They're shuffling the rosters tonight with a "draft lottery" and even the most in-tune wrestling fanatic, such as myself, can't predict what will happen. If you can't get to at TV set, they're keeping a running draft recap on the official site.

So, technology willing, Skippy and I will be watching Raw tonight and afterwards I'll be posting a recap of our conversation about tonight's WWE World-changing edition of Raw.

I won't promise it will be up immediately, but I'll have it online before tomorrow morning. I don't promise it will be short or all about wrestling even, but it should be fun.

If I have enough wrestling fans interested, I'll try to do this every week.

Also, I have a few baseball related projects I'm working on, and I should have them up by mid-week... so keep looking for those...

Back to watching sweaty men in tights hugging each other.

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