Tuesday, March 09, 2004

posted by James - 11:47 PM

David, did you just admit to being entertained by Milli Vanilli?

I had considered using them as my example (and I'm not so sure Britney and X-Tina, as she likes to becalled these days, aren't following their example), but I didn't because...

I think one of them actually is dead, and I would hope that their lip-synching wasn't Rob's (or was it Fab's) undoing.

But I hope the point you're trying to make is what happened to them (the revoking of their honors - very Klingon-ish sounding) is what I'm advocating to happen to those convicted of using performance-enhancing substances and lying about it.

And as an aside (or soliloquy, if you will)... I hope everyone will humor David's humility in calling what he has to say the Waste Of Space (which is actually quite humorous if you think of it in your head like the Muppets would say it... You know what I'm talking about), but trust me when I say that he is far wiser than even I aspire to be, and he call his section whatever he wants as long as he continues to waste that space.

Goodnight, Everybody! Tip your hot-dog vendor at the door!

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