Saturday, January 31, 2004

posted by James - 12:02 AM

In reading over my last post, I need to make a clarification about Jim Hendry. The last thing he should be worried about is what I think about the Cubs rotation issues or his offseason hits and misses. He just went into surgery to repair a total tear of the left quadriceps muscle completely away from the tendon which attaches it to the knee.

This is very serious. Dean Palmer, who just retired from baseball, and WWE-wrestler Triple H, off the top of my head, suffered similar injuries and never were the same athlete afterwards. Of course Hendry's not an athlete, but this still will be a major inconvenience to his life and he'll need to concentrate as much as he can on getting healthy and going through surgeries and rehabilitation, which are far more important for him.

That being said, if this could harbor any sympathy with Scott Boras over the Maddux negotiations, maybe he could take advantage of that and "get on some crutches and go get us a Hall of Famer!"

But in all seriousness, I'm pulling for Mr. Hendry and hope he doesn't suffer any lasting effects from this injury. He's proven to be our go-to-guy; we need him at full strength and in tip-top shape.

Good Luck, Jim.

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