Sunday, January 07, 2007

posted by CHRIS - 2:08 PM

Welcome Back, Sports Fans!!!

First, let me discuss a few rumors floating around about James, David and myself.

No, James is not in a mental institution because the Cubs hired Lou Piniella as manager.

Nor is he hiding in a cave somewhere waiting for the sky to fall because of the bad karma that Da Bears have hanging over their heads (4th and goal and you go for it when you are winning by 21... come on guys, really!).

James has moved back home to the great state of Washington. He has become a degenerate poker player, so you can't get him away from the table long enough to type a word on here. But don't worry fans we are trying to get him help.

As for David, I heard he got lost at sea... But no, he just works even more retarded hours than me, so he shows up whenever there is a threat of Slurpees. So don't fear I will get on him to make another Waste of Space post soon.

Someone told me they heard I ran off and joined the circus (Like Heather's sister once did). I can't believe anyone would believe that. Like I would ever do anything to embarrass myself. Oh wait, I do that all the time.

I also heard the people think I went into hiding thinking the Super Bowl Loser's Curse, the Madden Curse and the Chunky Soup Curse might effect all of us Seahawks fans as well. But never fear everyone, I am alive and well. In fact, Heather and I are expecting our first baby. Samantha Marie Bacon is due right around the Super Bowl. So it might be a Hospital Super Bowl for me. That's ok, though they'll have a TV in the room.

Ok, let's talk some sports now.


That was the greatest game I have ever seen. I can't believe Tony Romo botched the hold on the field goal. The Seahawks had someone watching out for them because there was no reason they should have won that game. Dallas should have kicked the field goal, and we are planning vacations. But, sports are like that. You really never know what is going to happen. So for now, it's on to next week. Bring on Da Bears. GO HAWKS!!!

Well, I will discuss the rest of my sports world in my next post. I promise it won't take us another five months to post again, and I will get the other guys posting again soon.

But for now... this has been Skippy from Just West of Seahawks Stadium.

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