Sunday, February 12, 2006

posted by David - 9:03 PM

Well... My faith in pro-football is restored. There's just something about watching a bunch of grown adults playing a game like a bunch of little children that just brings back fond memories. Between all the gaffs, fumbles, picks, goofy-plays, laterals, mid-interception handoffs and other chicanery, I managed to laugh away a poorly refereed Superbowl.

It's for this reason I applaud the NFL for having their all-star competition at the close of their season. It allows one to brush back the trials of the regular season and watch some fan-favorites try to do silly things with a bunch of their teammates and rivals. It is a refreshing exercise I try and finish every season with.

No matter how bad the regular season, I often find enough to laugh about in the Hawaii special to make me smile again.

I feel like a posting machine. If I keep putting out garbage like this with consistency, I'll be arrested for littering... If I'm lucky.

Take it easy guys, and don't mind that this is a Waste of Space.

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