Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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In David's defense... I cant post stupid links either!

Ok, now on to Skip To My Sports...

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time, but let's just say I wasn't in the best of moods as far as the sporting world is concerned. The Super Bowl was a letdown and the Jazz are just one episode of Boozergate after another. Heck, I can't count on the Mariners to help me through the summer. It's pretty sad I am already looking forward to football (six months away) to see some real winning, and that's not a sure thing with the uncertain labor situation and the Super Bowl losers have a less-than-stellar record the year after the big game.

The only real sport where I can see someone I root for winning is the Olympics, and the US (with 18 medals as of Wednesday afternoon) isn't doing nearly as well as expected. Plus with teammates fueding and everything Bode Miller says getting airtime around the world, we really look like losers.

So this leads me to start thinking...

Is it possible I am the reason for all of my beloved teams never winning the big one? I have never been able to say any of my teams are World Champs (except for the Colorado Avalanche, but I don't follow them as much as I should).

The Utah Jazz make it to the NBA Finals and run into one of the greatest players and teams in the history of the game... TWICE!!! (I still can't watch the shot Jordan hit over Bryon Russell without shedding a tear or two.)

The Seattle Mariners tie a MLB record by winning 116 games and don't even make it to the World Series. From that season on, let's just say the M's have been less than spectacular. 'Nuf said!!!

Then there was Super Bowl Get Jerome a Ring (Oh, I mean XL). I have to say the Steelers did just enough to win this game... nothing more. The Seahawks just couldn't seem to get over the hill the Refs built for them. We had more than a fair chance to win, but just didn't show the killer instict we did in the previous playoff games and the regular season. As I look forward to the season to come, there are some serious questions determining whether I will celebrate our first Super Bowl victory next Feburary.

First... is Shaun Alexander going to run the ball for the Hawks or down their throats for another team? I can only hope the Seahawks can put something together to make Shaun happy. I also hope Shaun can be considerate enough to know he isn't the only big piece of the Super Bowl puzzle we need to re-sign and give the only team and the only fans he's ever played for a break on the salary.

Second... what are the Seahawks going to do about signing Joe Jurevicious, Rocky Bernard and the rest of their NFC Champion free agents?

Third... Welcome to Seattle, Mikki Moore!!! What does that have to do with the Seahakws? Absolutely nothing, but I loved the guy with the Jazz and can't wait to see him when the Jazz come to Seattle in a couple weeks.

Well, the wife is home, and I should finish doing the laundry. Until next time, this is Skippy reporting from Just West of Seahawks Stadium. Back to James and David in the studio.

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