Tuesday, October 25, 2005

posted by CHRIS - 1:48 AM

Welcome Playas!!!

Long time, no see... So, what's new Just West of THA STADIUM, you ask? Well, as I'm sure most of you have started to notice, my Seattle Seahawks are finally showing the dominance they've lacked the last three seasons.

The Defense, led by defensive end Grant Wistrom and defensive back Jordan Babineaux, looked amazing against the Dallas offense in the win on Sunday. As a season ticket holder since Seahawks Stadium opened, I have to say it was the best game I have ever seen from my perch in the South End Zone. After Josh Brown nailed the 50-yard field goal for the win, the place went crazy!!!

It was also the first time that I had ever had the pleasure (and it was a GREAT PLEASURE) of watching a game in the rain. That's right... since the Hawks moved outside of the dry confines of the Kingdome to open-air Seahawks Stadium, it had never rained during a game until Sunday.

It was just sprinkling for most of the game, but it came down pretty hard there for a while during the third quarter. Needless to say, I was soaked by the time Babineaux picked off the Drew Bledsoe pass with less than 15 seconds to go in the game to give Brown the shot to display a pathetic victory celebration only possible from a kicker... and we love him for it! Go Hawks!!! Get Well Soon, Hammer!!!

The NBA Season starts this weekend, the Utah Jazz have me excited to see how they can bounce back to their form of two seasons past. As long as the injury bug doesn't bite forwards Andrei Kirilenko (who I affectionately refer to as AK) and Carlos Boozer (who I affectionately refer to as... well, Boozer. What else?) again, I expect Utah to contend for the playoffs and maybe finishing atop the Northwest Division.

As for the other contenders, in order of their predicted finish behind the Jazz...

Denver should give the Jazz their best competition for the NW crown. George Karl took over this team midstream last year and led them to the playoffs. If Karl can control this young, talented team the way he did with Seattle in the late 90s, leading a young Sonics team to the NBA Finals, they could be a great team, winning possibly 55-60 games this season. Is that going to happen? HELL NO!!! Karl is great... in little doses. No team can take him for more than a season or two, which is why he hasn't lasted at any of his post Seattle jobs (including TV announcing). Karl can bring out the best in a club, but like Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants football team, who almost had a mutiny on his hands last year, he needs to relax and coach these young players to greatness.

With Nate McMillan out of Seattle, it leaves a large emotional gap to fill. Seattle still has Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, but we will have to see how they handle losing the face of their organization since Woolly Mammoths roamed the planet.

Minnesota has more issues than I have time to talk about on this blog. They have Kevin Garnett and... Latrell Sprewell? Nope, got rid of him. Kevn Garnett and... Sam Cassell? Nope, got rid of him too. Kevin Garnett and... Exactly. KG... take the cash and. get out while you can.

Portland... Oh, lovely Portland. Where do I start with this team? The last time Portland was relevent, they had this guy named Rasheed Wallace. Even before they traded him to Detroit so he could lead them to two NBA Finals, they have had more issues on and off the field than any other team in the NBA. Guys... stop importing the good stuff from BC and play ball. Rebuilding means rebuilding the roster, not making up for losing the Vancouver franchise to Memphis.

Well, Playas... time for me to take care of the Honey Do list, which does not include this blog! Until next time... GOOO JAZZ!!!