Friday, April 01, 2005

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It's Moving Day!!!

Yes, that's right everyone. Skippy is moving south about two miles! Now, I am Directly West of Seahawk Stadium. I will have to post some pictures of the view from my new place, as it is one of the best views in town.

To pile on to what David said earlier, James will have to deal with his beloved Greg Maddux mooning him (he learned from Randy Moss) from the Skippy Hits Homers team charter (David has a bus so I bought my fantasy team a jet). How do you like me know, James?

I liked the Idea of getting a bunch of stuff of my chest so here we go:

Utah Jazz: SEASON FROM HELL!!! Boozer out for the year, AK out for the year, Lopez out for the year. NUFF SAID! Okur looks great though! Can we get Andrew Bogut, please? He wouldn't have to go far. Come on, Kevin O'Connor! You have a job to do. DRAFT BOGUT!!! It's really sad, but this it the first time I can remember really caring about the draft before the playoffs even start.

Seattle Seahawks: Interesting off-season to say the least. Signing Matt Hasselbeck to a nice, long contract is a start, but we either need to lock up Alexander or trade him. I'm gonna miss Kenny Lucas this season. He was slowly becoming one of my favorite Hawks. Good luck in Carolina, Kenny! You will be missed.

Anthony Simmons... Same for you, brother, good luck!

I am very excited about one thing this season though (no not the SeaGals, but they are nice too): playing against Philly.

One of my employees is from Philly, and that is going to be a war of words all season. I would love to see the schedule masters make that the last game of the season. That would mean a whole season of trash talking. Go Hawks!!!

Seattle Mariners: Thank god for baseball. I am going crazy not having any LIVE sports to watch. If anyone wants to hook me up with Opening Day tickets, I promise I won't say no (call it a house warming gift). Hopefully the offensive fire power we acquired this offseason can make an impact, so I'm not sitting here waiting for football to start!

I, like James, went hard and heavy drafting guys from my home-town boys for my fantasy team. I nabbed Ichiro (.400 this season?), Richie Sexon, Adrian Beltre, and Joel Piniero. This should be fun because I might actually pay attention to this fantasy team! (Ed. note: FAT CHANCE! You'll be too busy drunk and passed out on the floor of your "team charter". Which you'll have to sell to pay for the chiropractic you're going to need from the crink in your neck from looking up at me all season long.)

Race Season: The Champ Car season starts in just nine days, Sunday, April 10th on NBC!!! The race starts at 4:00 pm EST (1 pm for those of us on the "Left Coast"). This promises to be one of the greatest seasons in recent history. Drivers are lining up to return to "REAL" open-wheel racing (we aren't afraid to turn right). Plus the sponsors are jumping at the opportunity to return to Champ Car.

It's only a matter of time before those whiny, little IRL head honchos are begging Champ Car to combine. Gentlemen Start Your Engines!!! Danika, come back from the dark side, sweetheart. We will miss you!

Well, y'all, that's about all from Just West of Seahawks Stadium. On a sad note... I want to say goodbye to my kitty Missy, who passed away early this morning at the ripe old age of 16. You will be missed Missy. R.I.P. Meow!

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