Thursday, March 31, 2005

posted by David - 5:24 PM

You received advice from a wise man? More like a wise guy, says I. Too bad your string of Cub-ness didn't run through your own draft. :P

Folks... Betrayed by the wireless network he had come to trust, the Dietermeister, himself, found a few of his beloved Cubs slip through his fingers. It looks like in our little fantasy league that Prior, Garciaparra, and Ramirez will be waving at the Wrigleyville team from The Trappers' Bus.

I don't have much to contribute in the way of sports talk at the moment... My work schedule has been rather brutal of late. The recent focus of the world on a certain little debacle in Florida is something else that galls me. The moment shall pass without my commentary though. The last thing I want to do is embark on a political diatribe on the Internet at the moment.

So I guess I'll just sign off before I fall asleep on my keyboard.


This has been a Waste of Space

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