Friday, February 11, 2005

posted by CHRIS - 10:18 PM

Hello there in Bloggerland! This is Skippy coming to you from the Land of the Mormons. That's right, Salt Lake City, Utah.

I am here to introduce my fiancee to my family (she was a little scared). But I figured... why waste a perfectly good trip to Utah without seeing my Jazz play in person?

Boy, did I pick the right game to go. The Jazz whooped up on the lowly New Orleans Hornets (which shouldn't surprise anyone). The seats were awesome, as well. We actually had nosebleed seats (upper bowl, row 11), but due to the Jazz' less-than-spectacular-record, we ended up 13 rows from the court. (Ed. note: BREAKIN' THE LAW! BREAKIN' THE LAW!)

I have to say I was not impressed with the Utah fans. In a game when the home team is winning by twenty points, you would expect them to be going nuts. But the upper-bowl fans were the only ones making any real noise.

So here is my challenge to the Utah fans. Prove me wrong. Just be loud, people.

I remember back in the day when my parents and I had season tickets. The place rocked. The seats literally shook. Visiting teams used to fear coming to Utah to play the Jazz because the fans were so loud.

I know it hard to cheer when your team is losing, but it's not going to hurt is it? Let's hear it the next time the Jazz play on national TV.

OK, enough of that. So, all in all, my trip to Utah was great: A Jazz win, 12 inches of fine Utah powder and some great time with my wife to be.

Well y'all, this has been an update from Skippyland. Where the doors are always open, but the rides they ain't free...

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