Monday, January 03, 2005

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Let me start off by clearing up that statement. That’s the title of this post (which you already have some background info on if you’ve already read my partner’s post), and it’s also my battle cry for the 2005 postseason.

It may seem as though Shaun Alexander is the Seahawks’ only weapon, but let’s not forget D-Jack (Darrell Jackson). There’s that one guy, uh, what’s his name... that’s right it’s JERRY FREAKIN’ RICE (although not the weapon he once was, I seem to recall more than a few amazing catches).

Alexander can feel mad as he wants because the last time I checked, it’s the Seattle SEAHAWKS, not the Seattle Shauns, that are NFC West Champs. Besides, had he not got tackled in the back field three times on Sunday, he might have made it without that one-yard TD run.

Let me also point out that one-yard run would have only tied for the lead. If the defense had stopped the Falcons from marching down the field and eating up the clock on the last drive, Shaun could have got his two yards. We could also look at the dropped interception by Ken Lucas that would have given the Seahawks the ball with plenty of time for a running play or two.

I’m not going to point to any of those things as the problem though. Yes, it sucks he didn’t make it to some personal achievement, but I only blame one person: Shaun Alexander.

So many times, I have sat in my seat and watched guys weighing 50 pounds less bring himi down while he tries to break off a big run rather than taking the four-to-five tough yards. I see him take the easy way to the turf rather than spinning off of the tackler or pushing the pile forward for a few yards.

Shaun, you need to look no farther than yourself to find out why you didn’t get the title. Look at the four fumbles you lost - two potential game winners. That’s more than enough for the title right there.

Also remember that Shaun is only in his fifth year in the NFL, do you honestly think he will never have another chance at the rushing title.

Just shut up and run the ball, Shaun. Prove your point by showing what you can do with the rock not by whining about what one yard would do for your free-agency value. You will still get a butt-ton of money to play football.

I hate to say it, but I really don’t care if he gets it from the Seahawks next season. As a Seahawks season-ticket holder, I would much rather have a player willing to play his part on a TEAM to win a Super Bowl.

Place the blame where you like, but the fact of the matter is you have more important things to worry about. A.K.A. The St. Louis Rams.

So Shaun, get the tears out of your eyes and stop being a distraction before one of the most important games in franchise history.

Will a Super Bowl Ring make up for it? Well, get your ass out there and win one. We have the weapons, and we have the talent. We just need to prove it to ourselves, our critics and our fans.

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