Saturday, January 15, 2005

posted by David - 10:27 PM

I tried to warn them; They never listen.

Due to prolonged exposure to their divisional rivals, the Rams managed to contract a fatal illness. During their divisional-round game against the Falcons, they demonstrated an advanced form of "Seahawks Disease."

This condition has symptoms such as poor hands on the receivers and key-play turnover-itis. Even the announcers managed to witness and remark upon the Rams "pronounced case" during the unfolding events at the Georgia Dome this Saturday.

I only hope despite two extended periods of contact with the Rams, who might be a carrier of the playoff-ending ailment, the Falcons will remain healthy. I would hate to see this malignant legacy of the Seahawks spread any further. (I also hope to discover a vaccine or some other innoculation to prevent a re-currence of the condition in the Pacific Northwest next year.)

This is David, and I'm Wasting Space.

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