Monday, January 03, 2005

posted by CHRIS - 2:34 PM

I have never been the type to say I told you so (OK, yeah I am), but Andy Reid... I TOLD YOU SO!!!

Your back up players couldn’t even compete against Cincinnati??? Thinking twice about resting your starters??? Thinking twice about who your starters are going to be in two weeks when my Seahawks come to town???

You should be!!!

The reigning NFL Champions kept all of their starters in for almost three quarters of a game that meant nothing to them. But Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid pulled his players for the last TWO GAMES of the season (both losses). No team has ever lost the last two games of the season and made it to the Super Bowl... EVER!!!

Start looking for a job now, Andy. Just don’t expect anyone will want a coach who has consistently wasted the amount of talent you’ve had. You seem to be fine that your starters (if you can call them that) will be rusty against Green Bay, a team I’m sure remembers the Eagles ended their run in the postseason last year (in overtime).

You snuck by last year (maybe the last three years). Do you think you are that lucky, or that good, to do it again?

You lost Terrell Owens to injury, and you coached your team scared for two weeks it might happen again. At least that’s what I thought. Now I understand why you were really afraid.

Your bench players scare you more than any other team in the league. I saw the way Cincy dominated you. The rest of the league also saw it. You aren’t as scary as you were two weeks ago when no one wanted to see you in the second round of the playoffs. You have given teams the confidence you aren’t a dominating force rolling towards the Super Bowl without a challenge.

Teams know you are beatable, and you better feel lucky if you get the chance to lose your fourth-straight NFC title game.


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