Monday, January 10, 2005

posted by CHRIS - 6:16 PM


I have never been so wrong in my entire life. I can't believe that I got all of those picks wrong.

What happened to Green Bay??? I never expected Brett Favre to throw more picks than touchdowns. I have to say Randy Moss didn't disappoint me in proving he is a five year old in a grown man's body. His fake mooning of the Green Bay fans showed so much disrespect. I can't believe "the League" won't fine or punish him. I can't wait to see what the boys on PTI (Pardon the Interuption, 2:30 Pacific, ESPN) have to say about it.

My poor, poor Seahawks. What else is there to say about them??? I was about 100 feet away from Bobby Engram when he dropped the final pass. There is no more fitting end to this season than a dropped pass in the endzone. Our defense let St. Louis throw the ball deep down the field on multiple plays, mostly on third down. St. Louis had a 69% third-down conversion ratio. The League averages almost 38%. St. Louis also had multiple, third-and-long completions (third and 16, third and 12, etc.).

Did Denver even show up for the game??? I was right that Peyton Manning would throw for four touchdowns, though.

I think San Diego saw the rain and didn't know how to react. That was by far the best game of the weekend. A missed punt, overtime, a rookie kicker winning the game in overtime... What else could you ask for??

The only home team to win was Indy. Home field didn't mean anything this year.

I'm sorry for any of you that put money on any of my picks. I am normally so much better at picking than that this. Oh well there's always next week!!!

Tune in later for our interesting PPV commentary.

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