Sunday, December 26, 2004

posted by David - 10:55 PM

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Good thing the Seahawks never get screwed by the Zebra Corp. After all, the officials that preside over their games are always straight-laced and perfect.

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Nah. I feel ya man. There have been multiple occasions that the 'Hawks have been worked over by the fashionably-challenged out on the field. The loss to Dallas this year still gets my dander up a bit. I've seen some better calls by dyslexic gerbils on sleeping pills.

Point: The Refs aren't perfect. They're making calls based on what they see on the field. When it does come to reviews, they don't see the same angles the audience does all the time. Most of the time, the officiating corp does very well. However, you can find calls in almost *any* game that will be questionable.

Point the Second: "We were screwed by the officials," is the rally cry of the bitter. It normally accompanies a team that has performed in lackluster fashion. Most of the time, if a team deserves to win: They will win. A team that is turning in a quality performance won't be in a position that one bad call will utterly decimate them. Note: There are exceptions. This is a generality based on my experience with multitudes of sporting events.

Point the Third: Many a team will complain about "that holding call", or "That bad spot". When the shoe is on the other foot, the casual fan will just blow things off. Calls will go both ways: Good in hand with Bad. Some days the timing sucks, but it's all part of being a fan. Accept it with good graces. Remark upon the bad calls that are NOT in your favor. Be a good sport.

My empathy here has few limits. Between games at my old High School, my old College, and by local sports heroes; I can't help but feel frustrated when the whole world seems against my guys.

Remember: When your team triumphs in the face of such adversities, that is the hallmark of the great.

I'm David, and maybe this wasn't a total Waste of Space.

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