Tuesday, December 14, 2004

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Ok It’s my turn to make my return to Just North of Wrigley Field.

(Ed. note: Not that he’s ever been to Chicago to visit a certain Wrigleyville resident. Grrr.)

It’s been a bad year in Skippy’s sports world...

Where to start! Well, first and foremost, thanks to James for pointing out how crappy my Hawks are playing right now, as if it wasn’t already painfully obvious.

But hey, I’ll take what I can get in the fact that even with a 7-6 record, they’re leading the division and, barring a complete meltdown, should stay that way.

The Hawks’ toughest game left this season is this week against the NY Jets, while St. Louis plays in Arizona with back-up QB Chris Chandler, who should still be a little shaken up from last week’s loss to surging Carolina.

After throwing six (yes SIX) interceptions, Chandler ended his hopeless effort against the Panthers with a passer ratting of ZERO!!!

From there, the Rams move on to play perennial NFC Championship game loser Philadelphia. In what will be a first for me, I will be rooting for the Eagles just for St. Louis to lose. (Kind of like I am rooting for the Seattle Sonics tonight because I LOVE watching the Lakers lose).

So realistically, the Hawks could lose two of the last three games and win the division (not that I expect them to, but they could). But with a win this week and a St. Louis loss, it will all but wrap up the division for the Hawks.

On to my favorite sport: BASKETBALL!!!

Another team not living up to expectations is my Utah Jazz (by the way, if anyone is struggling with what to get me for Christmas, a Jazz jersey always works. I have AK’s, but would love a Boozer or Arroyo).

They are a sad 9-12 after losing the second game of a home and home with Portland. But they just snapped a six-game losing streak that sent them spiraling to the bottom of the Northwest division.

Without the services of forward Andrei Kirilenko until mid-January, the Jazz are going to have a tough run against the teams in their division, which realistically could have four of five teams qualify for the playoffs.

The additions of Carlos Boozer and Mehmet Okur help with losing Kirilenko, but the play of rookies Kris Humphries and Kirk Snyder have helped the most. These two have produced off the bench for Coach Sloan and have played a good portion of minutes with injuries to Jarron Collins and Curtis Borchardt.

The one great plus about this season is that we have our stars locked up for at least the next three years. What a great job GM Kevin O’Conner did just to pry open Larry Miller’s wallet to get the guys we needed to replace the holes left when Stockton and Malone left... and keep them.

Prepare for a Utah championship in the next three years (yes, I think we can be that good). And, Utah’s challenge isn’t over this year.

Hopefully, the Sonics will look in the mirror and realize they aren’t the Lakers of the last five years or the Bulls of the 90s, but, indeed, they are the Seattle Superchokers!!!

Minnesota will continue to play solid ball as they have in recent years, but distractions from Latrell Sprewell could be costly as shown in a loss the other night to the lowly Chicago Bulls.

Well sports fans, this has been another Skippy comeback article. Look forward to a lot more from me in the near future.

I have a ton going on, with the planning of a wedding (we are registered at Target and the Seattle IKEA) and Christmas in the mall (it’s finally starting to pick up). But I will try and write more as things unfold in the world Just West of Seahawk Stadium (Qwest Field just doesn’t sound right to me).

Take care and GO HAWKS!!! GO JAZZ!!!

P.S. James made a great comment to me... Has anyone else noticed that it seems every bachelor party that involves David involves the police??? Just one of those things that makes you go hmm...

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