Tuesday, December 28, 2004

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Before I get into the comments made by Mike Tice and how I like Raw…


If I was the coach of the Eagles, the one thing I would think I needed to do was to show my team we can win without T.O.

Now, I understand you want to rest your starters before the playoffs, especially when they have everything sewn up nice and neat, but I would like to think you would want them to be confident they can win without Terrell Owens.

You go out and throttle a crappy St. Louis team and rest your guys on the last week of the season. That way, not only do they get the rest from that week, but they also get the rest from skipping the first week of the playoffs. Instead, you let the Rams run all over you.

Now if I’m in Philly’s locker room, I still don’t know how the game plan is going to work with out T.O.

Reed you had better pray that you make it to the Super Bowl, or I hope you have something up your sleeve because that was a bad move. I have already seen one of your wide outs run away like a baby in the face of a collision, if he caught the pass that was thrown to him.

Your team needs a little confidence. Remember, you have lost the last three NFC Championship games. How many more until you are looking for a job? BE AFRAID, ANDY! BE VERY AFRAID!!!

Now on to Mike Tice…

Brother Mike, speak your mind... and be proud of what you say! Tice is doing exactly what he needs to do to fire his team up, and that is why I would run Mike Holmgren out of town in favor of Mike Tice.

I understand the Seahawks flaws aren’t all Holmgren’s fault, but come on Holmgren show some spirit. I have had enough of your ranting and raving on the sidelines, and then when you get in front of the media it’s “aw shucks. Darn, we just aren’t playing as well as we should.” FAWK THAT.

I want to see some fire from my coach. The one thing I will always remember about coaches aren’t their records or championship rings, but if they stood up and said get your heads out of your asses and win this game.

Utah Coach Jerry Sloan is great because he doesn’t pussy foot around it, and never has whether he’s dealing with rookies or future Hall of Famers.

Who could ever forget Lou Pinella throwing his hat and bases around the infield?

Mike Martz (wow. There are a lot of coaches with the first name Mike, aren’t there?) told his team to “Get on the train…” and they rode that train right over my Hawks.

I understand Tice’s team has played poorly as of late, but they have also been without there main wide receiver and offensive weapon for four of those games (see what happens when you lose your best weapon, Andy Reid. Get ready! It’s going to happen to you).

I applaud Mike Tice and, more than ever, respect him as a coach and a motivator. I wish Holmgren would do something like this to fire the Seahawks up, because it doesn’t look like we are going to get any help from the rest of the league. So, we’ll have to win the division ourselves.

The nice thing is the Falcons should be doing the same thing Philly did in the game last night and rest Michael Vick against the Seahawks this weekend.

Mike Tice knows his boys still feel the sting from the loss to the Seahawks a couple weeks ago and knows to get a chance to avenge that loss would mean a lot to his team.

Brother Mike, speak your mind, and I will see you in week one of the playoffs on the semi-chilled grounds of Seahawks Stadium. (I refuse to call it Qwest Field). I’ll be there front and center (ok, actually it will be 13th row in the south end zone, but you get the idea).

Speaking of home Seahawks games... last week, I missed the first game in three years of having season tickets. Much to my dismay, my boss said, due to the fact we should be so busy that day (the day after Christmas, and it was insane), I wasn’t allowed to take the day off and go to the game. Understandable, but it sucked. So, I did what any Seahawk-loving fan would do under those circumstances rigged the TV in my store (meant only for playing lame, DVD music videos) to receive the game on FOX. Thank god, it wasn’t on CBS. I tried my hardest and couldn’t get that station. (Ed. Note: Uhhh... Skippy, you didn’t have to worry about that since it was two NFC teams playing.)

But rest assured, I will be in my seat this week watching the Seahawks battle the Falcons for the NFC West division title. I will also be at any home playoff games. Hopefully, James and David can join me. ;)

Now on to RAW…

I was happy with the show, but have to say I was a little disappointed in the choice of Viscera as well. He was the one person I could say really wouldn’t have deserved a shot at the title in the Elimination Chamber Match at New Year’s Revolution.

But I am getting so tired of this retarded angle with Hassan (or what ever the hell his name is). This is a bad angle and I really don’t see a point with it. He is Arab-American, but all he does is complain. Hey buddy, there’s nothing keeping you here. If you don’t like it, LEAVE!

The hype for the Elimination Chamber match has been great, and I can’t wait to watch it with David and James. It was great to see Shawn Michaels introduced as the guest referee and that should make this match even more enjoyable.

New Year’s Revolution is shaping up to be a great PPV. Let’s hope WWE doesn’t blow it like normal by having some lame ending or just giving the belt to Triple H.

This could be the resurgence of a very-stagnant World Title belt. I would love to see the belt change hands to multiple superstars over the next few months leading up to WrestleMania 21.

Take care everyone and enjoy Week 17!!!

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