Wednesday, September 29, 2004

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As I type, I am talking to James. It's kind of hard to hear him because he is at the Cubbies game.

Which brings me to the point of my post. Forgive me for the rant that I am about to go on, but I am venting for myself and James.

To the old people sitting in the SECTION behind him (remember that, it's important to the story)... GO TO HELL!!!

When I go to a baseball game it is to root on my team, not sit on my ass as we are in extra innings of a game that has playoff implications (not that any Mariners games I have gone to this year have had that).

But to be told by an usher that if I stand and cheer again I will be escorted from the stadium is ridiculous.

James is being told just this as I type.

I had a similar problem at the Seahawks game this weekend (my Hawks are 3-0 by the way). I'll get into that later.
What right do these people have to tell James to sit down, and did they tell everyone else in the stadium to sit down as well?


Now I could understand if they were in the row behind him and he was standing for no reason.

But he was cheering on his team, and they are in the section behind him (not the row, the SECTION)!

Last season, we had a guy who would just stand during the whole Seahawks game arms crossed as in some stand of defiance.

Well, needless to say, they revoked his season tickets, and if I was informed correctly he isn't allowed onto Quest Field (Seahawk Stadium was such a better name) grounds.

But he was disruptive to others at the game. He made it difficult to see the game and swore up a storm must of the time.

The ushers are trying to convince James he’s being a distraction to the players, by cheering.

A distraction to the players??? FROM THIRTY ROWS BACK???

I have had some great seats at most every type of sport, and never once have I ever felt I was distracting the players, and I would have to say that when it comes to sports, James and I are about as loud as each other.

These are the type of people who go to the games as a status not just because they want to cheer for their team. People like that should be asked to move not the people who are enjoying themselves.

Put them in the third deck in the last row where everyone in the stadium is in their way and give their seats to the "REAL FANS" who pay to sit in the last row because they want to go to the game to cheer. Better yet... ask them to leave the stadium for being bad fans.

This situation makes me think about the situation at the Seahawks game this weekend that caused a three-row-clearing brawl in the rows in front of me.

A family sits in front of me at the Seahawks games that constantly has people kicked out or asked to settle down. They sit in the seventh row near the Seahawks tunnel on the south end of the stadium. They sit about five rows in front of me.

They never stand and cheer. Hell, it's rare I see them get excited.

The guy sitting in front of them was getting up to leave the game (It was halfway through the 4th and we were kicking ass), and the wife grabs his sweatshirt and asks him to sit down. He then proceeds to tell her he is trying to leave and not to touch him.

From there, I couldn't hear everything she said, but he kept saying "don't ever touch me again, Bitch!"

Well, her husband stood up and, again, I didn't hear everything, but the next thing I see is the husband lunging over about three fans to hit the guy.

Well, the guy’s friends jumped in as well as a few fans caught in the middle and, as expected, there was a lot of blood spilled.

The worst thing about the whole fight is the guy who threw the first punch didn't get kicked out. The two guys he attacked got kicked out and arrested, but he was left there and left alone.

The point of my story, if you go to a sporting event then ask someone to stop cheering and supporting their team, just pick up your stuff and leave. Either that, or buy a ticket in the front row so no one will be in front of you.

Fans are there to cheer and have fun they have just as much right to be there as you.

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