Thursday, June 10, 2004

posted by David - 7:38 PM

Time for a Waste of Space...

(NO... I don't have any pictures to share. If I had a scanner, I would show everyone how bad the interior of my house looks. Of course, I'm having it torn apart... So that's O.K.)

Things have been a bit rough for me these past few weeks. I contracted the plague, and suffered mighty. Well, maybe it wasn't quite the plague, but I think that the origin of my illness can be linked to the improper disposal of Rodentus Uglificus (Wharf Rat). There were a couple of them killed at work that were left to rot in a seldom emptied trash can. This is, by chance, next to my muster location, and I may have caught something there-from.

I wound up with pneumonia and have been struggling to get over it for a couple of weeks now... And I feel like I'm making little headway. On the bright side, my medication wasn't very expensive. The best part about being North of Petco Park is that TJ isn't too far south of Padre-land. Bless the south-of-the-border discount healing. Saved me a might bit more than a few duckets.

It's nice to see that the slacker and the goof-off are back to posting. I was wondering what was wrong with them for a while there. The least they could have done for a poor plague victim would have been to entertain me with blog entries. I really like that jersey that the J-man has. 'Course I may be slightly biased on the whole issue.

I'm also looking forward to crashing Crispy's place some time in the future. I just have to get my map out so I can find where his domicile is... I always get lost out in random looking housing land. Too bad I can't do anything of the sort until I go back to Washington... But that won’t be for a bit more than a month yet (unless I get extended on my little sojourn down here in Diego.

Well, I'm not quite dead. And for that I am apologetic. For you have had to endure another...

Waste of Space

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