Monday, June 07, 2004

posted by CHRIS - 8:10 PM

Photo taken 6/7/2004.

This is what will be called "The Den". Soon to be the site of the first WWE pay-per-view in my house since WresltleMania, and the second since James moved to Chicago.

The Den features two satellite TV's, Gamecube, N64, DVD player, VHS... you name it. I even found a green carpet that looks like grass and painted home plate and foul lines. The parquet flooring is reminiscent of the old Boston Garden. Soon, the left wall will be a mural of the view of downtown Seattle from the grass inside SafeCo Field (looking over the left field wall).

James and I will break in The Den Just West of SafeCo Field next Monday as we go for a marathon session of a WWE PPV (“Bad Blood” featuring Triple H vs. HBK in a Hell in the Cell match) followed by Monday Night Raw.

Ohhhh yes... Behold the wonders of TiVo.

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