Tuesday, June 15, 2004

posted by CHRIS - 2:49 PM

Hey guy’s It’s Chris from Just West of SafeCo Field.

As I’m sure everyone has read, I am an avid Champ Car Racing fan. Race #4 brings the Bridgestone Presents the World Series of Champ Car to my neck of the woods, the Great Northwest. I will be in Portland, Oregon for the weekend watching all the action LIVE!!!

As is tradition, my dad and I will be in the stands for two days of qualifying and the race on SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend Father’s Day (June 20th, Don’t forget!!!) and MY BIRTHDAY (presents and money gladly accepted), than watching the finest drivers in the world doing 185 MPH! Of course I will be updating the website after each day of qualifying, and as soon as I get home on Sunday, I will post pictures of the race, and the winners.

Hopefully, I will also be granted an interview by Mike Nealy, the President of Global Events Group. (They are people in charge of making sure all of the sponsors and investors are represented this weekend. They also handle ticket sales. So if you don’t have tickets already click on the link and buy today!).

The Weather Channel calls for highs in the mid 80s and mostly sunny skies all weekend long. That means two things. The track will be fast, and I will get another lovely sunburn.

* Memo to me: buy sunscreen.*

Note: I just said buy sunscreen; I will end up forgetting it and getting burnt anyway.

Before the craziness of race weekend starts, I will also be competing in a karaoke contest at McFadden’s in downtown Portland. So if you find yourself in the Portland area on Wed., June 16th at around 11 p.m., stroll in and listen to some of the best karaoke singers in the Great Northwest.

The following day, my dad and I will be visiting Heron Lakes Golf Course to play golf together for the first time in almost 3 years. He hasn’t picked up a club in that time, and I have played the course within the last month. This should be an easy win for me.

Well sports fans, work calls. Stay tuned for updates on James’ trip to SafeCo Field and an update on the night of wrestling that never was (long story).

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