Sunday, April 11, 2004

posted by David - 11:42 PM

WOS time.

Sarcasm Mode/

Well, it's good to see the Seattle Mariners haven't sold out. For years now, the Mariners have had a "Refuse to Lose" attitude. But that was part of the old plan.

Our new plan is to change the motto to... "Refuse to Win." With our new plan, the Mariners will embark upon a road of desolation and loss that will put them on par with the pre-95 fan base. Soon, only REAL fans of the team will be going to games. It will be wonderful. Once again, the average fan can sit in a large open space in the outfield with no worries of running across a 'fair weather fan'. Heck, each fan will have their own personal hot-dog vendor.

I love the direction the management has taken the team, and the developments that have occurred with the roster.

/End Sarcasm

Sorry, just feeling a tad bitter folks.

This has been a Waste of Space.

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